The prices below are only covering photography and subsequent standard image processing and cropping unless otherwise stated, as we experience the wishes of our clients very different relative to how many photo prints, which sizes and the special finishing they desire.
After ending the photo shoot, we will upload the image files to our website in a closed gallery, which only you as our client get access to, via a unique username and password.

Portrait session

A portrait session is a ’close up’ photography of a single person in a simple model system, where the personal expression gets highlighted using lightings.
Allocated time is 30 minutes.
DKK 295,00

Photo session

A photo session allows photography of up to 4 people at once in different setups, dressing and different light settings.
Allocated time is 60 minutes.
DKK 575,00

Group photography

Group photography of large groups of up to 8 people.
Allocated time is 45 minutes.
DKK 445,00

Christmas photography

Offered from 1 November to 16 December.
Photography in our Christmas landscape - for this year’s Christmas card.
Incl. 10 pcs. folded Christmas cards in size 11x16 cm. w/envelopes.
DKK 295,00

Climbing Elves photography

Offered from 1 November to 16 December.
We photograph your child/children in 12 different situations.
Incl. 1 set of paper elves just to cut out and hang on the shelf.
DKK 475,00

Photography beyond allocated time

Pr. started half an hour. DKK 275,00
Extended image processing

It is impossible to put a fixed price on extended image processing, as it depends on how little or how much that need to be done to the picture and it is therefore to be paid as an hourly rate. Examples of extended image processing may be multiple images into one, or particular looks as glamorous or painting. Please ask for deals for a specific task.

Extended image processing pr. started half an hour. DKK 225,00

The above prices are only valid for private clients.
Reservations are made for any typographical errors, and we reserve the right to make price changes without further notice.