At 247photo we offer studio photography in a studio of 40 sq.m. located in Hvidovre, Denmark. Some of the reasons for choosing studio photography instead of on location photography are that we, in the studio, are not dependent on nature's capricious weather and light. On location we have to depend on the light that the nature provides and the weather conditions on that specific day. In the studio we are the ones that gets to decide where the shadows should be and how little or how much wind there should be in the hair.

Studio photography at 247photo can be serious portrait sessions, fun photo sessions and group photography. In the following we will tell you about the options and types of photography we offer.

If you are in need of a really good idea for a gift e.g. for your mom or dad, a self-portrait is always a success. It is a way of having you near by for many years ahead, even though it is “just” a photo.

A good self-portrait can also be an advantage for you in a job application. More and more employers require enclosing a lifelike photo, and we all know that a picture tells more than a 1000 words; therefore one can wonder why the quality of such a photo is not taken more seriously.

If you like funny and different images, or if you need new pictures to your model portfolio, you should choose a photo session in our studio.

In the studio we will take the time to play with setups, image slices, dressing and lights. A photo session is also well suited e.g. for small children, that does not always master the skill of staying in one position for more than 5 seconds. It could also be your dog, cat, bunny or any other type of animal you would like to have immortalized. For this purpose we also offer animal photography, and the limits are endless according to which animals we can shoot in our studio. Thus we have to point out that our studio is located on the first floor, so of course there will be some boundaries.

If it is the official photos of a big event such as a wedding, baptism or communions you need; it is also a photo session you should require. At these types of events we also offer On Location sessions, but this is elaborated in the section “On Location”.

Are your grandparents having their 50 years wedding anniversary, the perfect gift could be a family photo. The whole family: children, grand-children and maybe even great-grandchildren all together in one single photo. This is where our offer on group photography appears.
It might also be a good memory from a bachelor party or the newly graduated girls wearing their hats, the only limit is your imagination.

Beside the different types of photography we also have to mention that at 247photo a photo can be a lot more than just a piece of paper. Because beyond the large range of image printing we offer, we can print your photo on a lot of different fun products. To be able to offer you a print of the highest quality, we choose to exclusively use the form sublimation print on all our products. The primary advantage by using this technique is that this method provides a superior quality with bright colors, durability and without noticeable pressure surface.

It is always difficult to behave naturally in unfamiliar surroundings and with a stranger as the photographer, and that is why we always start with a little chit chat to loosen up, and of course to find out what your wishes and expectations are, before we start the actual shooting. We agree on which background, light effects and if the pictures should be in color or black and white, so that the outcome of the final result fits perfectly to your wishes. 

As we prioritize our clients personal life, there will not be publicly accessible, client related galleries under the subject “studio”. After ending the shooting we will upload the image files to our website in a closed gallery, which only you can enter via a unique username and password to access.

From your personal client gallery you can leisurely browse and order the images you want. Of course we can also arrange a new meeting, in case you need guidance on which images are the best to make your specific wishes come true in the finished image.

You can e.g. have your image edited to appear more glamorous, to make it look like a painting, change it from color to black and white with perhaps highlight
a single object in the image in color - the possibilities
are endless.

We are always open to creative input for your studio photography, so if you have not yet found what you want or intended to, we will find a solution anyway, just contact us and we will guide you - and finally, we almost forgot to mention, that we always have a hot pot of coffee/tea ready in case you drop by and lemonade for the little ones of course.