At 247photo we like to cover all kinds of sporting events, but we can not and will not hide the fact, that so far it mostly have been the equestrian sport both domestic and abroad which have occupied a lot of our weekends, and this was also the main reason why we started our business under the name of But over time our assignments has grown into so much more than equestrian photography, and that's the reason, why we now have established this web-site under the name of 247photo.

When we're out photographing a sporting event, we make a great deal of effort to cover the match, race or riding competition as best as possible, which means that we for instance by equestrian events make sure that we gets pictures of all the participating riders, so far as it is practical possible, and we are always welcomed with great joy from the individual participants, as they because of our presence, gets the opportunity to purchase professional photos of themselves.

In connection with sporting events like for example the equestrian sport, there usually will be no direct cost to hold for the organizer of the event to get us to cover the event as photographers, as in the equestrian sport and many other sports are many individual participants and thus a high probability to sell our pictures from the event.

For some types of sporting events we might consider to charge our direct costs associated with the event, for example, transport costs, possible hotel stays, etc., so the best you can do if you want us to cover your particular event is to contact us for more details.

Immediately after we are back from a sporting event all the pictures will be uploaded to our gallery and can be viewed and ordered from here. It is important to note that it is always the raw image files that can be seen in the gallery, as we, for two reasons, have chosen to upload all the image files directly from the camera without any kind of sorting. Firstly, the images are instantly available, so the participants in the sport event does not have to wait several days to see the pictures, and secondly, the additional time we would have to spent on sorting, would result in  significantly higher prices. Furthermore experience has shown that it is not possible for us to sort the images, without removing images which someone would have liked to buy. Therefore we feel that our customers will be better off by sorting the images themselves by browsing all the pictures, and yes, in this way you will be allowed to see our foul shots and can laugh a bit of us. Each image is of course completely edited, cropped and touched up when they are ordered.
Read more about this under 'From camera to print'.