For us the process for completing our images starts in a converter program, where the digital negative (RAW file) is developed.
We use a Danish developed software program called Capture One Pro for this purpose. In this program we adjust the lights color balance
(a camera never gets it just right), brightness and levels of shading, grayscale and focus.

We can't use any automatic settings for all these refinements; since it is the look we are going for, when we finalize our images.

When we are out and shoot for sport events, our concentration is more on getting the right pictures than to create the final image, as it often is only when we are working with the digital negative, that we can see how the ideal image should be. Therefore Capture One Pro is used to make the last touch, for example by cropping and possibly correct the horizon in the image. (Well, many photographers are influenced by the earth’s curvature).

One of the greatest strength of the RAW file format is, that all editing we do is non destructive, because we do not change the data that was captured, when the photo was taken, but only how the data is interpreted by the Capture One Pro converter.

After the digital negative (RAW file) has been converted into an actual image file in Capture One Pro the process continues in Adobe Photoshop, where the final editing of the image is being done. It may be a pair of breeches that came too close to the horse's soft muzzle, just before showstart, or a background that needs to be cleaned of irrelevant items, but most importantly this is where the final image will be created. The possibilities in a program like Adobe Photoshop with its special filters (plug ins) are endless, so it is our imagination and creativity, and of course the requirements from you as our client that controls the output of the final image.

At 247photo we do final print in-house, in sizes from 9x13 to 60x80 cm. on Ilford paper, various special paper types and canvas materials and we only use Epson printers. The reason why we chose to print in-house is, that we thereby ensure that the final print always appears exactly as we want, and that we can always vouch for the quality of the printed image.