If you are about to organize a sporting event and would like us to come and photograph, you can start by looking at our event calendar, if we are available for the relevant dates, and you're of course always welcome to contact us with your inquiry.

In connection with sporting events like for example in equestrian sport, is it usually with no direct cost to the organizer of the event to get us to cover the event as photographers, as in the equestrian sport and many other sports where there are many individual participants and thus a high probability to sell our pictures from the event.

However for some types of sporting events or geographic locations we might consider to charge our direct costs associated with the event, for example, transport costs, possible hotel stays, etc.

When we are booked as photographers at a sporting event, we will bring a couple of tables for our display of examples of our finished images, and lots of other fun products to show you what our photos can be used for. At outdoor events we need, that you as the organizer has prepared a suitable location for this purpose - preferably dry and sheltered - for the sake of our display.

Once we have entered into a written agreement about an event photography, we send along with the agreement, our logo and hope that you, as the organizer will arrange to put the logo with a link to us on your website along with a small text about our presence, and naturally we link from our Web site to the organizing club or specific event.

Finally, we have to remember to draw your attention to the fact that we would like to sponsor a number of Gift Certificates for purchasing our pictures from the specific event. The Gift Certificates can be used as prizes, and the numbers of Gift Certificates and at which value depends on the type of event, and is to be agreed on for each individual event.