You can order 247photo to photograph anything - anywhere (almost).

On location photography is probably the type of photography, we offer, that requires the most comprehensive information, and although we have tried to categorize our various forms of "standard" on location photo shoots, none of them can be described as standard, as each assignment is naturally treated as the unique job it is, and always in close cooperation with you, as our client.

But very briefly an on location photography is anywhere else than in our studio and can cover many different jobs. In the following sections we will tell you a bit about some of the possibilities in connection with photography on location.

A photo session covers the fact that we spend time to find different configurations and locations, in close cooperation with you. Maybe you are a model, a musician or an actor and need some interesting and unusual pictures, or just have to update your portfolio, or maybe you are an author in need of press photos for your new book release - or something else entirely.

A photo session can also be photos of the boys’ soccer, horseback riding, the puppies playing in the garden, but of course it may also just be that you would like to have pictures of your children in their natural surroundings.

We are also willing to come to you, if you want a portrait of your horse, dog, cat or other animals that either cannot come up to our studio or if you would rather have taken the picture in the real nature.

Since there are very few people, who have just the ideal and idyllic location for this types of images, we offer, as something very special just for animal portraits, that you subsequently choose which background you want on your particular animal portrait. We have a wide range of different backgrounds in our archive, which you can freely choose from.

Do you want professional images from a special event such as a confirmation, a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a christening, or a reception etc., it is an event photography you should book. Off course we also offer photography for one of the greatest moment in life: the wedding, and because this type of photography is so pervasive and detailed, we have created some special offers for this particular event, which you can find under Wedding Photography.

Perhaps you are too many people to fit in our studio, or maybe it is just more fun to have a group picture with e.g. the beach or the Queens Palace as the background. It may be that the football team is perpetuated on the course, or your school class has an anniversary and wants a group photo in front of your old school.

Besides the various forms of photography, we also have to mention that a photograph from 247photo can become much more than a paper picture. In addition to the various types of image printing we can offer, we can also produce a wide range of fun products with your photo on. 

For example a t-shirt with your entire primary school classmates? Or a picture puzzles of your kids playing in the garden? Or can you live without a pair of socks with
a picture of your dog? 

That was just a few ideas, only the sky is the limit.

Basically, a successful shooting on location demands a good deal of pre planning, as we have to remember everything we needs for the shooting before leaving. And before a job we usually takes a look at the locations, we are going to work on before the actual shooting takes place.

As we prioritize our client’s personal life, there will not be publicly accessible, client related galleries under the subject “On location”. After ending the shooting we will upload the image files to our website in a closed gallery, which only you can enter via a unique username and password to access.

From your personal client gallery you can leisurely browse and order the images you want. Of course we can also arrange a new meeting, so that we together can review the images, in case you need guidance on which images are the best to make your specific wishes come true in the finished image.

You can e.g. have your image edited to appear more glamorous, to make it look like a painting, change it from color to black and white with perhaps highlight a single object in the image in color - the possibilities are endless.

We are always open to creative input for your on location photography, so if you have not yet found what you want or intended to, we will find a solution anyway, just contact us and we will guide you.