The sizes of our image prints are all based on standard measurements, but of course we can also deliver image prints in other sizes. The prices will then be equivalent to the nearest larger standard size. All prices include standard image processing, cropping and color adjustments.

Small format prints

4x5 cm. (5 pcs. of same image) pr. set DKK 50,00
5x7,3 cm. (5 pcs. of same image) pr. set DKK 50,00
9x13 cm. (4 pcs. of same image) pr. set DKK 60,00
13x18 cm. pr. pcs. DKK 50,00
18x24 cm. pr. pcs. DKK 60,00
24x30 cm. pr. pcs. DKK 90,00

Large format prints

30x40 cm. pr. pcs. DKK 110,00
40x50 cm. pr. pcs. DKK 185,00
40x60 cm. pr. pcs. DKK 235,00
50x70 cm. pr. pcs. DKK 285,00
60x80 cm. pr. pcs. DKK 335,00

When ordering paper prints you will also receive, all prints via E-mail,
free of charge, at scale of 4x5 with a height of 819 pix.

Canvas-Print mounted in floating frame

24x30 cm. pr. pcs. DKK 525,00
30x40 cm. pr. pcs. DKK 580,00
40x40 cm. pr. pcs. DKK 685,00
40x50 cm. pr. pcs. DKK 815,00
50x60 cm. pr. pcs. DKK 950,00

The above mentioned floating frame is our standard frame in antique silver/black, but if you want a different type please contact us and
we will try to fulfill your desire.

Digital images

Image files on CD-ROM, 4x5 aspect ratio,
with a height of 1024 pix.
pr. pcs. DKK 85,00
Image files on CD-ROM, full print-ready resolution. pr. pcs. DKK 145,00

Photo Calendar

Large photo calendar with 13 images from your photo shoot at 247photo. The calendar consists of a front page and 12 month pages printed on 170g gloss paper and delivered wire-bound and with a hang hook.
The size is 29,7x42 cm.
pr. pcs. DKK 198,00

Thank you cards/Invitations

10 pcs. folded Thank you cards/Invitations in size 11x16 cm. w/envelopes. Offered only in connection with a photo shoot at 247photo. pr. set DKK 175,00
Subsequently thank you cards/invitations. pr. pcs. DKK 15,00

For our image prints we use only photo paper of 290g from Ilford, which ensures an excellent and professional print quality. You can choose between satin and high gloss paper. Our canvas prints are printed on Master Canvas of 350g, and the finished canvas printing surface is then treated with a non-visible UV and stain protective varnish, ensuring close to the best canvas print quality in Denmark.

The above prices are only valid for private clients.
Reservations are made for any typographical errors, and we reserve the right to make price changes without further notice.