Joy and high spirits

It was a super nice weekend with happy faces everywhere. How great it is to experience the joy and pride that all riders exhibit both of them selves and as well as the others. I was both pleased and touched when Jens Lasse, who is one of the least walking riders sprinted the lap of honor in the arena with his walker, simply of pure happiness that he once again won gold in his grade. Or when Ann Cathrin from <country-region w:st="on"><place w:st="on">Norway</place></country-region> jumped up on Tobias' electric scooter and drove the lap of honor around the arena after having respectively gold and silver medal hung around their necks.

Well, I could go on telling cheerful and positive stories from this weekend, but I probably, in the name of seriousness, also have to tell you that there were a total of 25 participants from Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and Denmark, and again this year the team competition was won by Norway, with silver for Denmark and bronze for Sweden.

Allan and I thank you for a lovely weekend with, as always, impeccable treatment and we wish all the riders, placed as unplaced, a big congratulations on your outstanding achievements.


For convenience we will just briefly tell you how to find the pictures from this event: From the front page of our web site, please select the button event gallery at the top left, and then choose Sportsrideklubben Vallensbæk so choose NBCH 27.-29. Sept. 2013, including the images sorted out on the riders' names.