Heat wave at Barthahus

A gray Saturday morning I set off alone to go to Barthahus Rideklub to photograph at another one of their Mail & Jump competitions. I was alone because Gitte stayed a long weekend with the family, and when that is said, I may also say that you are never alone when visiting BAR, because there are always lots of nice people who come and greet and have a little chat.

At noon the sun broke through and I promise you that it brought the heat. Horses and riders had to sweat through the jumping course, but it did not deter the about 150 riders from doing everything they could to climb the hurdles in the best way, which of course also proves that it is not so hard to get riders to a competition in July, which is otherwise said to be hard to get signups in.

In one of the pictures here on the right, it might be said that it is NOT synchronous jumping that is presented but 'Team Pink' with Peter as the official draw. He did really well and did really understand to position himself so that I could get good pictures of the couple.

Thanks to all the people at BAR for a great day and hope to see you again.


Pictures from this event can be seen on AP Event Gallery