Summer, sun and Championships

On the weekend 19th-21st July, we were at SIV to photograph at their district-competition in dressage. The event started on Friday afternoon with a few club classes and was followed Saturday by the district classes, including 4-years championship. Saturday was also the day when Allan celebrated ??his birthday by sharing cream puffs to everyone who visited our showroom to the delight of both young ones and older. Although Henrik suggested that we threw the cream puffs at Allan, they were happily eaten instead - as planned. Sunday continued the district classes with, among other 5 - and 6-years championship.

The event took place in the hottest days in the summer, so far, with sunshine and baking heat all three days, and with our showroom located in the smoke and steam from the grill, so you could not help but be hungry by the smell of the grilled steaks and sausages.

We thank once again SIV for a great event and a good treatment.


Pictures from this event can be seen on AP Event Gallery