Photography transformed into digital painting is a new product we now can offer to you.

Using PhotoShop, some special plug-ins, as well as a good dose of creativity and skill, your photograph now can change the look, so it looks like a painting.

Although everything takes place in the digital world, it is a long and demanding process that also, in all modesty, requires some artistic sense. Each image is processed in its special way, as it depends on the subject, what can and should be done about it to create a unique look for each completed work. But the same for all images is that they should end up looking like a painting and thus contain only what a painter would represent, therefore we will also retouch all disturbing and unimportant things out of the picture.

In the range of the dressage picture you can really feel the unique technique we use, as the idea is that you really get the feeling that "paint" is on in several layers, which also means that the finished digital painting must have a certain size, to get the full benefit of the effects.

To get the maximum effect out of your digital painting, we exclusively make  these in sizes from 40x50 cm., and you can choose to order your image as a paper print or canvas print where the painting effect is further enhanced by the structure of the real canvas we use.

Hover your cursor over the image and see the transformation

The price for transforming your photo into a digital painting is DKK 450.00, this must be added the cost of printing on photo paper or canvas in the size you want, and any framing.
If you want to know more about prices and delivery time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To give you an idea of how our images can look when they are completely finished, you will find below some examples of our digital paintings.

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