In our blog we will, from time to time, tell a little about what we are doing. It may be a little story about a sporting event, we've covered, a fascinating studio photography or a funny photo session, and you will also be able to see a lot of the finished edited images from the photographic assignments we have completed. Furthermore there will be small tips on photography and equipment, we or you can not live without.

In short, we tell almost everything we have on our minds. So, check here or sign up for our Newsletter and keep you informed of our doings.

Joy and high spirits

Monday 30. September 2013
In the weekend of 27 - 29 September we were invited to Nordic-Baltic Championship in Para dressage at Sportsrideklubben Vallensbaek.

Jumping Competition at KAR

Wednesday 14. August 2013
Friday, Saturday and Sunday held Karlslunde Rideklub their annual district competition in jumping for pony and horse. We were on the spot with the camera so you can see the approx. 8000 photos from the competition on our Event...

Hot but good

Tuesday 6. August 2013
On the weekend of 3 - 4 August, we were invited to the district competition in jumping for ponies at Slangerup-Lynge Rideklub. In addition to district classes including the team championship, there were also a few rural classes...

Heat wave at Barthahus

Sunday 28. July 2013
Saturday 27th July held BAR another Mail & Jump competition and once again we were invited to photograph all the starting riders.

Summer, sun and Championships

Sunday 21. July 2013
A great summer weekend that, for our part, started on Friday afternoon, held Sportsrideklubben Vallensbaek district-competition in dressage with championships for both the 4 -, 5 - and 6-year old horses.

Wedding Photography

Tuesday 9. July 2013
On Saturday 15 June we were ordered to shoot at a wedding in Roskilde with subsequent photography at Kragerup Gods.

Championship jumping

Sunday 30. June 2013
On the 29 - 30 June, we were at Slangerup- Lynge Rideklub, who held the district tournament with the Sealand Championships competition for Juniors, Young Riders and Seniors.

Jump again

Sunday 30. June 2013
Friday 28 June we was once again in Hedehusgårdens Rideklub to a Mail & Jump evening event, and once again we escaped dry-shod from the experience.

Nice, exciting new products

Wednesday 12. June 2013
Now we can offer a couple of new exciting products that you simply can not do without. A wonderful iPad briefcase and a practical thermo mug for hot and cold drinks.

Water mat and wet pants

Friday 14. June 2013
On 8 - 9 June we spent the weekend at event photography at the Ridecentret Egene at Holte, because they had jumping competition with district championships for ponies.
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