The following Terms apply between private clients and 247photo and thereby (hereinafter only referred as 247photo) to the extent that they are not deviated by explicit written agreement between the parts.

In the case of business customers, we refer to specific Terms in the Business to Business menu.

All prices are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise is stated.

247photo accept no liability for any typographical errors and reserves the right to make price changes without prior notice.

In addition to the price agreed upon 247photo is entitled to claim payment for:

  • Extra work if the basic material, the client has delivered to 247photo proves to be incomplete, inadequate or defective.
  • Extra work due to the fact that the client acquires corrections or changes in the material supplied, after the work has begun.

If there is no agreed time of delivery, 247photo will indicate time of delivery.

The delivery place is at 247photo, unless otherwise is agreed.

Delivery charges including any insurance, is to be paid by the client, unless otherwise agreed.

Net cash.

At higher total orders 247photo, however, reserves the right to ask for a deposit at the time the shooting is going on. This deposit can never amount to more than 50% of the total order price.

Total invoice supplied with each delivery.

For all photography 247photo will keep the digital negative, which is why all kind of duplication, for quality reasons must be made through 247photo.

All images, produced by 247photo, remain the property of 247photo, and all images are covered by, the copyright law.

Excluded from this is if you buy a CD-ROM with the images produced by 247photo. In these cases, the usage right is released to the client, while the photograph right always will belong to 247photo.

247photo have no liability for customer’s lack of legal basis for reproduction, duplication or publishing of text, pictures, drawings, patterns, illustrations, trademarks, other business characteristics and other trademarks of equipment, including designs, or anything that may be subject to third party’s rights. If 247photo is held responsible toward third party in respect of a customer's lack of authority to use third party's rights, the customer must hold 47photo indemnified for such liability.

247photo have no responsibility for any loss or damage to property, such as originals or materials that do not belong to 247photo, but is entrusted at 247photo by the customer for resolution of an agreed job or for storage, including storage of works produced by 247photo.

Submitted original material is returned with the order. 247photo is responsible if it is proved that the loss or damage is caused by gross negligence from 247photo. The customer is responsible for the insurance of the item against damage and destruction.

Any order that you submit via is an individual product and is therefore not subject to return.
If the item is damaged or otherwise does not meet your expectations, please return the item and invoice to 247photo and we will try to correct the deficiencies.
If the reclamation is justified, we will refund the shipping costs that you may have in connection with returning the item.

By uploading customer images or graphics to 247photo, it must be explicitly emphasized that 247photo reserves the right to remove offensive or abusive content, and it is solely the user’s responsibility to make sure that any uploaded images comply with its laws.

247photo reserves the right to terminate a user access if there is suspected violation of our user conditions.

When uploading images or graphics to 247photo, it is solely the user's responsibility to ensure that the necessary rights to content are reserved.

Any claims against 247photo and/or will be forwarded to the person who uploaded the material.

According to the Danish Consumer Complaints Board, there are no fixed rules for how short the period of a gift certificates or a voucher may be, however, the time length shall be reasonable in the current situation, and it is noted that a gift certificate or voucher basically have expired after 3 years, unless otherwise is indicated.

The Danish Consumer Complaints Board makes a clear distinction between purchased and won gift certificates / vouchers, and 247photo have based on this set the following deadlines:

A purchased gift certificate for a certain benefit or value has at 247photo a validity of 3 years. However, we take reservations for any price increases for certain services, in connection with issued gift certificate.

A gift certificate that you received as a prize, is at 247photo valid for 2 years and can basically, only be redeemed when purchasing the specific product being noted on the gift certificate.

Vouchers are at 247photo always valid for 3 years.

We draw your attention to the fact, that gift certificates issued before the 1st of January 2010 as well as vouchers issued before the 1st of January 2009 will expire at the 31st of December 2011.

If a delivery is delayed or prevented due to failure of or damage to production equipment and any other circumstance that 247photo's does not control, has 247photo right to extend the time of delivery or to cancel the agreement.