In the spring 2005 we started, mostly for fun, to make portraits of horses, and as we, through the next few years, were asked many times if we would come to photograph at various equestrian events, we established, purchased the necessary equipment and arranged an office at home with Gitte and her family.

But very quickly, the room got too small, and we rented some very nice facilities centrally located in Hvidovre, in which we got the opportunity to establish a real photo studio of approx. 40 sqm., and thereafter have grown into much more than horse portraits and equestrian photography.

Allan Mørch has accumulated great experience in the media world since he got his first camera back in 1969. Allan is the creative, imaginative and impulsive drive in the company.

"I have worked as a video editing technician and freelance TV photographer at among others Danish Radio, Finnish, Swedish and Dutch Television. Additionally I provided graphics for an unknown large number of commercials during the past 25 years.

I've always found great pleasure in exploring the limits of technology and I therefore also find a great satisfaction in delivering a top professional job for everyone."

We do often get questions about our equipment and let us be totally clear, if anyone doubts, we are Nikon users, always have been and always will be. With such a clear statement, we obviously also need to come up with an explanation of why we always use "The Black Gold" as our photo equipment, and our reasoning is really rather simple: we like the unique image look, that a Nikon camera gives, as well as the fact that a Nikon camera deliver top quality almost regardless of what, more or less impossible, lighting conditions we are shooting under.

But one thing is the camera, another equally important part and, if not more important is the quality of Nikon's line of professional lenses, which we believe provides a totally unsurpassed optical quality when we are talking about light sensitivity and sharpness. Shortly: We have chosen Nikon because we do not want to apologize for the lack of good pictures with the excuse that the camera or lens did not meet our expectations.

To everyone who still believe that the most important is how many pixels their camera has, there's only one thing to say from a Nikon photographer: "It's not a question of how many pixels a camera has, but more important how good they are ".